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3 Types of Videos That Every Business Can Use

I can understand how you might find the process of creating business videos daunting, especially if you are trying to accurately communicate the values of your business through video. It can be a difficult task to hit all the right points while balancing a whole range of other important factors.

With video quickly becoming the ideal way for consumers to receive information about pretty much anything, and people now trying to look up things like how to make interactive video content, you know you need to nail this important method of communication This why I am going to provide you with 3 types of videos that every business can use.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are educational videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem, and can often be made in the form of animated explainer videos to add an extra sense of excitement and intrigue for the viewing audience. This could be particularly important when it comes to solving a problem. That problem could be related to using your product, but it does not have to be, it could just be solving a problem that your typical consumers struggle with. With the goal of foster increased consumer engagement. But by the end of the video, your audience should be armed with the knowledge to act based on the new skills they have learned while watching your video.

The typical product time you need to put in to create a polished explainer video with the help of personalized video software from somewhere like Idomoo is, on average, around the 24 hours mark. This is because to create a polished explainer video, you need to do a lot of detail-orientated planning. But it is often well worth the effort because they usually bring in new customers. The video itself should be around 2 – minutes long but focus on keeping it dynamic and engaging. That is what will net you the best results.

Onboarding Videos

When a lead finally converts and becomes a customer, what is the first impression they will have as a new member of your company’s family? How will you welcome them to make them feel right at home? And perhaps most importantly, how will you make sure they understand everything there is to know about what you offer? Onboarding videos are the perfect choice to answer all these questions. Onboarding videos show customers the ins and outs of all your products.

These videos help set the tone for how a customer will proceed with your product. So, make sure you make an onboard video that hooks your customers into what your company offers. To make sure you do, you need to ensure your onboard video has the production value that demonstrates your company’s professional ethos.

When making one of these, it can easily take a couple of days to get the right level of polish. So start planning! Videos should be around 5-10 minutes long. It is even more important here to keep engagement levels up because of the length of the video. To create a professional video, you can reach out to an expert to assist you with ideation and concept. Video Production Services can be found online or through other sources to convert your ideas into visuals which can generate and attract more customers.

Testimonial Videos

People usually influence other people. From Yelp reviews to Tweets on Twitter, honest reviews can change our opinion of a product or convince us to buy. That is why this type of video is so valuable to establishing your company’s PR.

These videos can clearly show your leads the positive impact that your product has on real people. Hearing from customers’ voices and seeing a product in a real-life setting is a lot more engaging than reading a paragraph. In the end, testimonial videos can be indispensable for demonstrating the value of your product or service and winning over new customers.

Because these testimonial videos will play a big part in winning those new customers over you need to make sure it looks great. Giving yourself 1-2 days to put together a rough cut should be the minimum. This is because sometimes you will need to get more shots if some clients did not get the right vibe across. The video should be around 5-10 minutes.

To recap, video has become an indispensable tool to communicating important information to your customers in an engaging fashion. So, do not be afraid to try out some of these types of video yourself. You might find yourself creating the next bit of viral content that brings in a lot of leads. With careful consideration and planning, you can open your company’s potential reach to new heights.