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5 Secrets to Being a Better Small Business Leader

Business success often hinges on the approach of their leaders. Being a business leader can be challenging and understanding how to provide the best support to your teams can be difficult at times. It takes a wide variety of skills to unlock the potential in your small business. Therefore, I am going to talk about my top 5 secrets to being a better small business leader.

Take a Coach-Mindset

Your employees are fantastic members of your team. In your small business, they will carry your business to new heights if you provide them with the right support. Therefore, the coach approach is critical to small business success. This approach focuses on the development of the people that are going to bring your business to new levels. Taking the time to encourage your employees and push them to new levels benefits them and yourself. This mindset will also help you to keep employees on your team because they will see that you are taking a personal interest in their development. So many workers will praise the use of their method.

Share Your Passion

Passion is infectious. It shows our employees that we are all in this together and that you are coming from the heart. But you cannot fake passion, everyone will smell it from a mile away. When you show your passion, you must mean it because otherwise it can have the opposite effect on your employees. Show that you are passionate about the service you provide and the people that help you provide that service. If you walk into a room beaming with passion for everyone person who helps you make your dream a reality, they will notice that.


Listening can be an underrated skill for a leader. A leader who has their ear to the ground on their business is going to better connect with the average working day of their employees. An employer who pays attention to the skills of their team and perhaps sets them to work in a mastermind group (get started here) will have more respect from their employees than one who ignores their team. Getting employees to share their strengths and gain the respect of other members of the team is one of the best moves an employer can make. Most workers will appreciate a leader that takes their time to listen to the struggles of every employee, regardless of rank. If you end up being too commanding of a small business leader you will lose the vote of confidence from your team. If you intend on growing as a company and you want to foster a positive work environment for everyone to improve productivity, then this should be high on your list.

Accept Blame and Do not Take Credit

Great leaders spend their time highlighting the achievements of their team, or their top performer. Employees are often looking for validation for their work so when your team as performed well, do not forget to celebrate the efforts of everyone who made it possible. You would be surprised by how much more it will do for morale then a simple bonus will. Money only goes so far; people want to feel like they are a valued member of a community.

Be Open-Minded

Being open minded is a great approach to small business in general. If you have some inflexible rules and perspectives, you could alienate some of your valuable staff members. This can leader to favouritism which will lead to resentment and dysfunctional behaviour between co-workers. A successful leader needs to appreciate and understand the world from a variety of points of view. Many perspectives can provide insight into how daily problems could be tackled. Valuing the diversity in your company will help you gain an edge on the competition. Business leaders should also be able to assign employees tasks based on their skills. This ensures that time isn’t wasted. Perhaps some companies would like to look into the skills competency management software at Prosymmetry (read more here). That should help business leaders to acknowledge their staff’s skills, allowing them to assign relevant tasks and projects.

Stay Ahead of the Trend

Small business trends are constantly evolving and changing and it’s your job to make sure that you are ahead of them as much as possible to keep the business running smoothly. This is important due to the competitiveness of this field. If you do this, you’ll be sure to guarantee success. You can find the latest trends and further advice on http://www.rciaresources.com/ should you need it. Business leaders should also be trying to stay on top of sales techniques too. Sales territory mapping is a popular sales technique these days, so business leaders could consider incorporating this into their sales strategies. To learn more about that method, visit Salesforce. Hopefully, the sales team will be able to increase sales and revenue by using that.

To summarize, there are plenty of qualities that make up a fantastic small business leader. Some of which, are coaching your team with passion. Listening to their perspective and accepting any short comings without judgement. These qualities can be difficult to implement if you do not naturally lean in that direction so take it slow and do your best.