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5 Steps to Starting a Motor Trade Business

If you are looking to start a motor trade business, you have come to the right place. This article will give you five steps to starting this type of business. It is important to have the expertise, the necessary equipment required to repair a range of vehicles, and the right insurance to trade with peace of mind and within the law. This is called motor trade insurance.

Check Out a Similar Business for a Model to Follow

Find a motor trader that is currently in operation and has the experience, a good reputation, and the capital for success. You should try and find out as much about them and how they do things. This will include the kinds of repairs that they do and how they promote themselves on social media and elsewhere to attract new customers and keep their old ones. To have the facility to do MOTs is a bonus because much repair work will come from that as well as the regular servicing of vehicles.

Buy Into Experience

Buy or start your motor trading company with an experienced motor trader who can be your mentor, advisor, and partner. This will help you to learn the trade and ensure that you are doing things right from the start and keep your business running.

Employ Experience

Recruit staff members that are qualified and experienced in motor trading. You can save money by hiring the odd apprentice or someone semi-skilled but you also need workers that you can leave on their own to complete a job.

Invest in Motor Trade Technology

It’s no secret that motor trade businesses are on the rise. To start and run a successful motor trade business, it’s important to invest in the latest motor trade technology. This technology can help you manage your garage more efficiently and provide a better customer experience.

For instance, you will need to keep up with how vehicles are now powered. This might include knowing about electric vehicles as well as petrol and diesel ones. This is the future and you want to be ready for the influx of electric car drivers who will become more of your customers over time.

There is no harm in specialising in particular types of vehicles as those customers will then only come to you. It makes it easier to build up a database of loyal customers. Then, all you have to do is always provide a good service at a competitive price to keep your reputation.

Buy the Correct Insurance

Get motor trade insurance to protect the interests of your business.

Motor trade insurance protects your business from any potential risks while trading motor vehicles. It can provide cover for your motor vehicles, your employees, and any third-party damage. This type of insurance is vital protection for any motor trade business.

As a mechanic, you will need to be able to drive the vehicles of others to test them and pick up or return them to customers. You do not own the vehicle but are the temporary custodian of it. You will also want insurance that covers you for working on the vehicle as well as driving it.

Motor trade insurance will include road cover for driving or moving a vehicle around work premises. Employees can be added to a motor trade policy as well as the owner of the business. It is useful to make sure that you only employ drivers that have a good driving record, and so are not likely to put up the insurance costs. Also, you might want to avoid drivers that are too young being added to the policy. There will likely be an age restriction anyway, and it depends on your work circumstances and what you might be doing to save on costs in other areas.

These are the five steps you need to begin a motor trade business. Make sure you do your research and planning before embarking on the venture to give your motor trade business the best chance of success. Then, do not forget about the insurance. A standard motor policy will not be sufficient for a motor trade business.


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