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What Is Multiverse Theory?

Multiverse theory says that our universe is not the only one—there are plenty more. There are billions upon billions of other universes, including our own, which are very similar to our reality but could have very different laws and constants….

What To Do If You Have Honey Fungus in Your Garden

Honey fungus (also known as toadstools) is a common problem in North American gardens. If you’ve ever picked a mushroom and found it to be covered with a slimy, brown, spore-filled layer, you’ve picked honey fungus. Honey fungus is a…

How Do Trivia Masters Do It? The Right Answer is ‘Brain Efficiency’

We all have that know-it-all friend who dominates any quick-fire trivia questions you throw at them. Any conversation you seem to have with them, they seem to be able to throw some interesting facts into the mix. Turns out, these…

Some of Your Favorite Products Have Absurd Medicinal Histories

Before they were regulars in your fridge or household cabinets, many now ordinary products were used for seemingly ridiculous medical contexts. The most popular example being Coca-Cola, which was first brewed on March 29, 1886 by Georgia-based pharmacist John Stith…