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A Guide to Conference Package Pricing

It pays to do your research when you want to attend or host a conference. It is common for conferences to charge high prices for their packages. In most cases, this happens because the expenses incurred for hosting a conference are quite high. One of the most challenging aspects of attending one is keeping track of your spending. A conference package pricing guide can help you understand whether you’re getting a good deal or not. 

What is Conference Package Pricing?

Conference Package Pricing is an alternate pricing method available for many events, primarily sponsored by non-profit organizations. The Conference Package Pricing method charges for admission to an event based on the number of sessions and activities a person attends. This method is also referred to as a “packaged pricing system” because it bundles admission fees into specific session types and identifies the individual sessions a person may attend.

A conference package is a compilation of companies’ different products and services at an event. The products are usually included in a package or a bundle and priced differently to reflect the value received. Conference package pricing is the sum of all the individual prices of the products included in the package.

Your conference package price may also include your registration, hotel accommodations, meals, event access, and conference materials. Also, it refers to package pricing as “per person” or “per room.” Just make sure you’re clear about what you’re getting since some conference package prices are barely higher than others.

There are often two types of packages in the conference package or exhibition package pricing world: those that have free meetings and those that have paid sessions. Even though it seems obvious that free meetings should come without a cost, understanding that paid meetings come with a cost helps clarify package pricing.

The Essence of Conference Package Pricing               

When you attend a conference, you usually need to purchase both airfare and a hotel, which can add up quickly to your budget. However, did you know that you can save money by purchasing your airfare and hotel stay together? Of course, if your company is paying for your trip, then it’s best to coordinate with your travel coordinator to purchase your airfare and hotel stay together.

Conferences are an excellent, cost-effective tool for networking, business, education, professional development, and learning about new trends, technology, and methods. Many conferences feature keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and networking opportunities. Additionally, conferences are a fantastic way to improve and expand your professional network, build new business relationships, and learn from experts.

In an effort to encourage participation, many conferences offer early bird pricing, reduced pricing, or scholarship pricing to those who qualify. Usually, scholarships are reserved for individuals who are engaged in a career or occupation such as teaching, clergy, nursing, or social service. Conference scholarships also benefit the sponsoring organization by attracting a new audience, increasing conference attendance, and generating publicity.

Tips on Conference Package Pricing

  • Conference package pricing can get quite complicated, so there are a few things that you should consider before you get into a contract. First, packages vary from conference to conference and generally cost around $1,000. Also, note that most conference fees are paid in installments. Some seminars charge multiple payments for entry, while others have a single payment system.    
  • Conference registration fees can vary widely, even between the various events happening in the same city. Attending a conference can be an excellent way to expand your knowledge base or meet others in your industry. However, getting the entry cost down to a reasonable amount is key to your success in planning the conference budget. To get the best deal, work with a travel agent that is specialized in luxury travel. Travel agents can identify the fees that shouldn’t be included in a package price, like service fees and taxes. Further, they can negotiate better terms with hotels and other travel providers.
  • Conferences are a chance for business and industry professionals to learn about the latest industry best practices and various strategies for success. Attending a conference is a valuable investment in your career development, so it’s vital to research, choose and attend the right ones.


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